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Discover the simple sophistication of Boulevard – the premier client experience platform purpose built for self-care businesses.

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Give clients the sleek online booking they deserve – without wrecking your calendar. Eliminate costly appointment gaps, customize services, and elevate your check-in and check-out. 

Boulevard is a true partner—one that never leaves you hanging.

Wake up to your dream schedule every day. Keep everyone organized with Precision Scheduling™ that optimizes your calendar for you. Find easy avenues to grow revenue.

Eliminate scheduling gaps with ease

Keeping it personal keeps them coming back. Improve client retention with detailed client profiles and our powerful automated email marketing suite

Personalize *every* client experience

They’re loving the switch,
and you will too.

Switch to a complete, reliable platform and dedicated partner who’s in it to help you win it.

See for yourself why so many brands are switching to Boulevard (and loving it).


“There was no competition. I knew we needed Boulevard in our salon.  As soon as I saw it work, how easy it was…they nailed it. I love this company.” 

Adriana Tesler


"The response time in the help chat is the fastest that I’ve ever worked with. Thank you all for being so quick to respond!"

Jon G.

Rudy’s Barbershop

“Boulevard is by far the smoothest platform we have ever used. It’s much easier to use and I love that it’s so customizable.” 

Brigham Dallas

President, Hello Sugar

“I couldn’t have asked for a better system or platform.  Boulevard saved our business and made everything so easy. We use all of its benefits every single day.” 

Richelle Oslinker

Director of Operations, Plump

“They speak hairdresser and salon owner at Boulevard…They put the client and stylist first and not some big dorky tech team. The fact that they put all of the other things first that no software did before, that was it.  [And] it was pretty. That sounds so trivial, but it was cute.” 

Janine Jarman


“Boulevard’s been great because it just makes our lives easier.” 

Denis De Souza


Streamline workflows with a sleek, fully integrated platform that is actually easy to use. Simplify your day-to-day, automate manual tasks, and grow revenue on your terms.

Eliminate complexity, improve productivity

A few more reasons to switch…


more services booked


fewer no-shows & late cancels


more retail value


more gratuity from clients

*Average impact T+90 days after switching to Boulevard.

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